Back in 2008, Mrs Pam Worsley had the foresight to allow me to start the SW Irish Draught Show in conjunction with the well established Wincanton Horse Show. After Pam’s untimely passing in 2009, the future of Wincanton Horse Show was unclear and the SW Irish Draught Show joined forces with Stourhead Show and moved to the idylllic setting in the parkland in front of the magnificent Stourhead House.

With the cancellation of Stourhead Show in 2012, the SW ID Show had to take a brave step towards running as a stand-alone show and we moved to Wincanton Racecourse. The rest, as they say, is history and we took the first tentative steps towards establishing an independent horse show offering a full range of classes for hunters, cobs, riding horses, ex-racehorses, coloureds and veterans, as well as a wide range of classes for the Irish Draughts which are my particular passion.

In order to pay homage to the inspirational lady who had faith in my ability to run a horse show, we are very proud to be able to take on the name Wincanton Horse Show once again, The aim is to put Wincanton Horse Show back as an important date in the equestrian calendar for the South West, providing a range of affiliated classes for the serious competitor, but also running a range of classes for local enthusiasts who are taking their first steps into the world of showing.

We’re proud of how far we’ve come in such a short time, developing from a small one-ring set up at Wincanton and Stourhead, to running over forty showing classes, three dressage classes, ten Championships and two Supreme Championships! Our Irish Draught classes are affiliated to IDHS(GB) and include qualifiers for the prestigious Blue Chip and IDHS(GB) £2,000 Challenge, the Moorbennhall Irish Draught Youngstock Challenge and the Lakeview Horse Transport Irish Draught Sports Horse Youngstock Challenge. Wincanton Horse Show will also be holding hunter qualifiers for the Royal International Horse Show and cob qualifiers for the BSHA National Championships. For those competitors not affiliated to a large showing society, we are also holding qualifying classes for Equifest, The Showing Register, Senior Showing and Dressage Ltd and SWPA. We don’t want to lose the support of our grassroots competitors, and these affiliations allow younger and less experienced competitors the chance to qualify for some exciting championship shows around the country.

It will take some time to regain many of the classes once held at the original Wincanton Horse Show, so please be patient with us, and let us know what classes you would come to support. In these days, when more and more horse shows are disappearing from our equestrian calendar, we are keen to revive Wincanton Horse Show and need your support in the form of good entries.

We think there is something for everyone at Wincanton Horse Show, even a show for your dog! Why not come along to Wincanton Racecourse and see for yourself on Sunday 7th August 2016? You’ll be assured of a really warm welcome as a competitor or spectator.

Lindsey Millar
Wincanton Horse Show and SW ID Show Secretary